Lordt, The Borderlands Chronicles. “Backup? What backup?”

So I’m not saying that lewt is everything, I’m just saying it is a big part of any normal day. And days spent in Pandora are no exception. Ah, who am I kidding,… Continue reading

Lordt, The Skyrim Chronicles. “Stenvar,…Stenvar?”

It was just another typical day in Skyrim, except on this morning I had to send the Housecarl Lydia back to the kitchen in Dragonsreach. Honestly, her bungling is consistent and it was… Continue reading

Lordt, the Elder Scrolls Online Chronicles. “An Intimate Relationship with Foliage”

It had been a lean Christmas in the Blacke household and whilst no gifts were left beneath the tree I was intrigued by the questionable meat sack draped over the mantle. I decided… Continue reading

Lordt, the Elder Scrolls Online Chronicles. “Lute-Ocalypse”

A delicate collection of pieces performed on the Lute. Please forgive the enthusiastic crickets and grasses in the background. Anyone who has played this game will know it is surprisingly difficult to find… Continue reading

Lordt, The Gears of War Chronicles. “Lever That Alone”

Marcus and I had been battling for what felt likes weeks. In reality it must only have been hours, since despite our size neither of us had felt the desire to take a… Continue reading

Lordt, the Far Cry Chronicles. “C4 At the Door”

As I removed my eye from the rim of the scope my lips curled up in silent satisfaction. “Would you remove that shit-eating grin?” Hurk asked. I saw no reason to do so… Continue reading

Lordt, The Splinter Cell Chronicles. “Silent and Smooth”

We’d entered Yastreb Archives with the aim of being silent and smooth, as always. After all, all we had to do hack some computers. The reality involved a broken chandelier, a dozen empty… Continue reading

Lordt, The Splinter Cell Chronicles. “Looks Like Somebody Got Some Smoke Grenades for Christmas!”

It had been a lean Christmas in the Fisher household this year and true to form Santa had at forgotten to place the deployable minigun that I had requested (in a hand written… Continue reading

Lordt Pays Tribute to ROTH.

I’m just going to take a moment here to pay tribute to one of the best games I think I’ve ever played. It was so good, in  fact, that I didn’t cheat. The… Continue reading

Lordt, The Splinter Cell Chronicles. “The Human Colander”

We made our way quietly over the perimeter fencing. I say quietly, when really I mean we made enough noise to wake a drugged corpse, but the matter is moot, since we remained… Continue reading

Lordt, The Chivalry Chronicles. “You…Bastard”

The Mason Order thought that we would just roll over without a word and that they could pass through without so much as a “by your leave”. And to be fair, they were… Continue reading

Lordt, The Minecraft Chronicles. “Nobody touch anything, step on anything or even move”

The three of us had decided to investigate an intriguing temple in the middle of a typical desert. Upon entry it was apparent the structure was old, yet not untouched. Marks in the… Continue reading